Lower Your Bounce Rate.
Design Great User Onboarding.
Ben Chow, designer & serial entrepreneur IDEO AKQA Hive7 YouDazzle

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User Onboarding is the How & Why
It's the intersection between selling, educating, and using your product.

And, when you get it right, what happens is the boundary between trying out a product and actually using it disappears.

It sneaks up on you.

If you're asking people to change their habit.
To rethink how they do things...

You have to explain the invention to customers-- not once or twice but three or four times.... You have to show them exactly how it works and why it works, and make them follow your hands...
Malcolm Gladwell, The Pitchmen

#1. Grab their hands and guide them.

Not This!

What do you want the user to do every time they use your product?

#2. Sell your value proposition

The A-HA moment!

#3. Get Personal

#4. Invite friends; and make it make sense.
your enemies...


#5. Help Setup. Help integrate into a existing habits.

#6. Measure your performance, optimize your funnel.

#1. Grab their hands and guide them
#2. Sell your value proposition
#3. Get Personal
#4. Invite friends and make it make sense.
#5. Help Setup, help integrate into a existing habits
#6. Measure your performance, optimize your funnel.

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